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TVCloud is the latest stride forward in our mission to provide Australian businesses with the world class web broadcasting and live-streaming solutions and services. We love to help local organisations reach viewers from around the world with our range of real-time and archivable web broadcasting services. We can increase your audience share while reducing your environmental impact, all delivered with lower costs and bigger results than old school broadcasting.

Our team have been live-streaming industry leaders for 17 years, ever since we pioneered live-streaming broadcasting services online and established it in the Australian and New Zealand corporate marketplaces.

Since day one we have aimed to provide top quality, high-end live streaming solutions for all of our clients. Since we were first established we have continued to grow and build our reputation. TVCloud has been created to focus efforts on the South East Queensland


At TVCloud we firmly believe it’s better to do one thing very well than do many things acceptably. For us, it’s all about focus. This makes us unique in the Australia and New Zealand live streaming marketplaces and is why we’ve led the industry since 2003.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a big-budget live-streaming event or smaller webcast – you want to focus on the content, not the technical hassle. That’s where we come in, to take all that off your plate.

Whatever form your webcast takes, we will make sure it works for you; let us do what we do well, so you can do what you do well.

TVCloud solutions are built for complex and business-critical assignments, which have to go smoothly and without any tech failures. Whether it’s a worldwide live-stream, the presentation of an annual report or a busy press conference, we know failure is not an option and confidentiality essential. The proof is in our extensive client list.

No matter what form a live stream takes, it is ultimately all about getting your message across to an end-user – whether that be the public, shareholders, journalists, or analysts – without any problems getting in the way. That’s why user experience is central to our work. With our user-friendly webcast player and high definition sound and vision we guarantee it. We also help by supplying professional event and broadcast directors, the kind of expertise that guarantees quality.

At TVCloud we have always been at the forefront of live streaming technologies and are determined to stay there; this means we are well prepared to eliminate common problems and provide better, speedier and cheaper services.

For example, we know well how to solve any capacity problems in your internal network. If thousands of employees watch a broadcast live on their desktops your network can quickly become overloaded, but TVCloud has developed techniques that allow you to do this without causing wider network problems.

Another example of our user-friendly approach is the ‘black box’ which is connected through a subscription to our online Webcast Management Systems. This facility effectively allows you to make your own live webcasts smoother and faster and problem-free.

Our wide range of live-streaming solutions and technologies allow us to provide you with a very flexible service.

For example, we can organise your webcasting services from start to finish but also offer solutions that allow you to cherry-pick (and pay!) for only the help you actually want and need from us.
We will happily help you create your own live-streaming and webcasting events without any further intervention by TVCloud.

We will never lock you into a needlessly expensive contract and thanks to our clear, simple pricing, you always know where you stand with us. Get in touch to find out how our services will work for you.

Live streaming is now easier, more affordable, more secure and more reliable than it has ever been. Portable streaming technology like MiniCaster allow you to stream remote events live and in full HD.

There’s no longer any need to hire massively and needlessly expensive outdoor broadcast crews. We can deliver high quality, multi-camera live streaming for your sports event, your music performance or festival, or corporate event… all for a fraction of the cost of the old-school outdoor broadcast.

Streaming live events is now easier, more affordable and more reliable than ever before. With portable streaming technology (like MiniCaster) TVCloud can now stream your outdoor or remote event live and in full HD.

You do NOT need to hire massively expensive outdoor broadcast crews. We can deliver high quality, multi-camera, live streaming for your sporting event, music festival or remotely located event for a fraction of the cost involved in the traditional outdoor broadcast.

The key benefits of streaming your outdoor event are:

  • Increased audience (and potential sales)
  • Mobile device streaming (eg: iPad streaming)
  • Social media integration (eg: Facebook streaming)
  • Effective digital rights management
  • Database capture & stats

Indoors or out, big or small, TVCloud can provide end to end streaming solutions – or you can simply cherry-pick the bits you really need. Stream your event live with us and we can webcast you in full HD quality without re-buffering.

Your events can be seen live and online for a fraction of the coast – contact us now and find out how…



Using cutting edge technologies and deep understanding of events to meet your every need.

As one of Australia’s leading live-streaming and webcasting providers, TVCloud uses the fastest, most cost-effective and most up-to-date to broadcast your messages quickly and reliably across the world. We set high standards and work our hardest to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your business or organization.

Since we first launched 17 years ago we have been driven by values such as reliability, innovation, professionalism, investment in technology and commitment to the best outcomes for our clients. Maybe that’s how we’ve stayed market leaders!

A major ingredient in our success is the degree to which we prioritise close communication and collaboration with our clients. We understand how important your content and events are to your brand image, and we will always make you look good.

At TVCloud, you will be supported by highly skilled and experienced streaming industry professionals. As people who are obsessed with live streaming, we’ll make sure you benefit from the newest initiatives in the industry and any other innovative technological developments.

We understand events and the live streaming environment like the backs of our hands (we should do, after all these years!). We consider it a duty to make sure that you have all the information you need to be able to make an informed decision about the best solution to achieve your business objectives. We can cover all elements in your live-streaming from the initial concept to the creation of supporting systems and the implementation of monetisation. Contact us today and let us work with you to take you to the next level of communication.

We have literally hundreds of satisfied customers in Australia and overseas. Clients include

We are also:

  • Accredited members of the Australian Video Producers Association
  • Endorsed suppliers to the Commonwealth Government of Australia
  • Members of the International Webcasting Association
  • Members of the International Webmasters Association.
  • For more on TVCloud. Contact us on 1300 932 227 or  Contact Us Now to learn how we can help you successfully broadcast your next event using TVCloud Services.
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