Webcasting Conferences Means More Delegates


Live streaming your conference is a perfect way to reach more delegates without them having to travel – which is particularly valuable in these times. Technological advances and bandwidth improvements mean you can livestream in full HD and allow end users to interact and/or vote on key matters.

With every day mobile phones and social media come to dominate more of Australian’s Internet use (did you know half of Australians now check their phones every day?) so a mixture of event apps and Facebook streaming allow you to reach people in a way they area already comfortable with. We always design webcasts to be suitable for phones and tablets and provide end users with the ability to feed back and interact.

The key benefits of webcasting conferences are:

  • Limitless audience potential
  • Increased revenue potential such as by pay-per-view streaming
  • Equality of access, since obstacles around distance, isolation & disability are no longer relevant
  • Reduced travel & accommodation price for participants
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • More sophisticated tracking of audience
  • Mobile device optimization, whether smartphones or tablets
  • Social media integration
  • Video can be made available any time

Webcasting can be a totally secure medium. Most platforms come with registration or password mechanisms to ensure information is only available to authorised viewers.

We’ve been leading streaming services in the Australia/New Zealand market for a long time, so TVCloud have all the experience to get your conference streaming in full HD. Our 360-degree service options include:

  • Multi camera shoots
  • Ability to seamless integrate multimedia, such as presentations or videos
  • Multi-bitrate streaming, meaning that the stream will fit the device and captioning
  • Closed captioning – crucial for both inclusion and compliance
  • Event apps
  • Video On Demand platforms

We’ve provided online streaming for everything for intimate one room industry/sector specific events all the way up to multi-room, multi-national conferences. If you’re holding a conference in Australia or New Zealand you can get more delegates and more revenue while also ensuring that your speakers’ presentations can be enjoyed long after the lights have dimmed. Jump on the livestreaming train!

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