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A live streamed auction will reach more bidders, whether it’s real estate, art or collectables under the hammer. Evidence shows that webcasting auctions can help drive up the final price.

Advances in streaming and bandwidth technology allow you to stream live HD video anywhere, anytime and build in mechanisms for instant, online bidding. Webcasting auctions live increases your potential buyer base and is an improved extension of telephone bidding.

The key benefits of webcasting an auction live:

  • Increased audience capacity
  • Increased convenience for potential bidders
  • Weather proof
  • Easily streamed on any device
  • Easily integrated into social media, including Facebook
  • Accurate & instant stats so you know who is bidding and from where

Crucially, webcasting is a secure medium. Most platforms come with registration or password mechanisms to ensure sensitive information is made available to authorised bidders only.

The experienced TVCloud team has the experience and technical know-how to ensure your livestream auction reaches the maximum number of bidders in real time, every time. Our end-to-end solutions include:

  • Multi camera shoots
  • Multimedia integration including video and presentations
  • Multi-bitrate streaming for compatibility across devices
  • HD quality
  • Webcasting installations (enabling you to independently webcast whenever you want)
  • Creation of apps

At TVCloud we can also train you to webcast live auctions as and when you wish, with no need for extra call-outs. So, whether you’re auctioning …

  • Real Estate
  • Art
  • Collectables

… and whether for profit or charity, webcasting auctions can lead to bigger revenues for you and your sellers.

More bids, better clearance? Going, going …

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