Live Moderated Q&A

You can make your content highly engaging, interactive and effective through the use of Q&As. They are an excellent way to educate your workforce or project your brand to external audiences. We make this feature easily accessible as a module so it can be quickly synced with video content.

Our Q&A module is a powerful collaboration tool that can add value to video assets and generate excellent engagement from participants or viewers.

The TVCloud Video Q&A can be used for internal or external streaming content, helping to increase engagement, interest and also allow participants to contribute ideas for future content.



Webinars remain the most popular forum for Q&As, because they are widely recognized as an excellent way to increase interest and cast a wider net than your original content might have offered. For example, if someone is doing a presentation on sales enablement but hasn’t included a viewer’s area of interest in their outline, the existence of a Q&A session can motivate that viewer to attend knowing they can still ask questions to get information that is relevant to them.

Interactive Interviews

An interview with a thought leader or celebrity can be made more memorable and attractive if you open up the floor to viewer questions. The TVCloud Video Q&A module is able to reduce any risks from this activity, either setting enquiries to private so that they are viewable by the questioner only or placing them on an approve-only visibility setting. For companies who want brand awareness above all, this can also help an event go viral, with viewers passing the link to get others involved in hopes their question might be answered and viewed.

Learning Sessions

Companies often offer learning sessions to assist their workforce, and adding a Q&A offers a perfect opportunity for employees and stakeholders to get involved and deepen the learning. For example, if an interesting topic was raised but not fully explored, participants can ask for the speaker to expand on that point.


The only real drawback of offering training online is the loss of interactivity but a Q&A segment creates an easy way to involve a workforce while also adding to the educational value of the content. For example, it can allow participants to go into their desired depth on a topic, helping the presenter to get a feeling for how detailed the training needs to be.

TVCloud’s moderated live Q & A Services are an easy, low maintenance mechanism to communicate and educate your online audience.

Live Moderated Q&A

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