Live Webcasting Services

Live Webcasting – Global Reach, Australian Expertise

After hundreds of online broadcasts, our engineers have seen it all and fixed it all, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t ready to rise to new challenges. Whether you’re offering a small educational seminar or a major international conference, we’ll build the rights solution for your stream. We’ll take care of all the broadcasting nuts and bolts, so you can put your energy where it should be – in creating customer-wowing content.


Who does TVCloud work with?

Our webcast technology can amplify the content of any company or institution, including:

Webcasting opportunities

Whenever you need to reach and engage with an audience, live webcasting can make the connection. For example:

  • board or local government meetings
  • press events, conferences or launches
  • business conferences or seminars
  • fashion shows
  • live concerts
  • religious services
  • all sporting events
  • medical events
  • expert panels
  • product showcases or launches
  • crisis communication briefings
  • analyst meetings
  • AGM or shareholders meetings
  • internal briefings
  • training and education events
  • PR events
  • many more

Advantages of webcasting

  • information and content provided with real time impact, 24/7
  • recipients feel engagement is equivalent to personal contact
  • time and place of broadcast no longer significant
  • saves time and money
  • communicates exactly what you want without interference
  • cutting-edge communication tool
  • sustainable business practice

Our services

  • Live webcasting – instant communication means amplified impact. You can reach as many people as you want without additional travel expenses to factor in
  • Webcasts on-demand – providing your viewers with the flexibility and convenience to watch when they choose
    Pay-per-view one-off events – the perfect solution if you charge your viewers for education, training and entertainment content
  • Pay-per-subscription
  • We’ll support you before, during and after set-up if you want to create an in-house system to broadcast and record events. Our experts will match you with the perfect products for your needs and train you in their use.
  • Digital rights management – we protect your content against misuse including hijacking.

We’ll deliver a first class solution no matter how large your audience or its type. We can deploy one or multiple cameras, and vision mixers to fully capture the occasion. If a presentation is included, we offer synchronised slides to match the stream.

Our webcasts are only as good as your viewers’ experience, which is why our services are compatible with all platforms – Windows or Mac – and all formats – Flash, Real Player, Windows Media Player.

To maximize your audience at live events, we provide a web link to display and disseminate in advance, providing key information and answering any questions.


Additional TVCloud services:

  • streams optimised for different bandwidths so your viewers can watch even on poor connections
  • interactive elements including Q&As, instant polls, quizzes and more question
  • a managed question service so your audience can get involved through a moderator who passes on suitable key questions to the presenter

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