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There has never been anything like social media when it comes to delivering a vast networked user base. Now you can broadcast in real-time to an interested audience that is utterly comfortable with new technology. Video streaming already accounts for more than 75% of internet traffic and it is growing. The Facebook Live service remains the cornerstone of this market and at TVCloud we can help you to take advantage of it.

Social media streaming is accessible from anywhere

Your content is delivered straight to your audience wherever they are and in whatever way they want when you embrace social media streaming. It is a highly cost-effective and democratic way to provide access. Facebook Live streaming helps you present a highly professional production to your audience. Major brands, corporations, and global businesses fully embrace social media in this way for press announcements, product launches, fashion shows, and much more. The viral marketing potential of social media streaming should not be underestimated.

TVCloud has experience in designing and delivering multicam Facebook Live events from Melbourne, Sydney, and other major Australian capitals so that you can transmit your content or messages to the biggest audiences possible. We use the best technology and equipment so your videos are always accessible and high quality.

Social media streaming is a powerful promotional tool which can:

  • Provide cost-effective event promotion
  • Enhance viral marketing opportunities
  • Assist you in growing your database
  • Integrate with other online content and platforms
  • Drive subscriptions
  • Funnel users towards your streaming portal

TVCloud is an expert in ensuring your live stream, or on demand video content, integrates seamlessly with social media.

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