Why Webcast

Why Webcasting Will Work For You

As technology advances, webcasting has become easier and more affordable than ever and allows you to stream live or video on demand in full HD. It’s just like live TV, only accessible wherever you have Internet.
Facebook streaming allows partners to make their online video streams suitable for phones and tablets and also provides end users with instant feedback and interaction opportunities.

The key benefits of webcasting are:

  • Increased audiences
  • Equality of access, since neither distance nor disability should be a concern
  • Reduced costs in travel & accommodation
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Increased revenues through pay per view
  • Easy path to compliance
  • Builds databases
  • Provides accurate & instant stats
  • Can be streamed on any mobile device
  • Integrates well with social media platforms, allowing instant feedback & interaction
  • Excellent monitoring, for marketing or compliance
Webcasting is now very secure, given that platforms come with registration or password mechanisms to ensure information is available to authorised viewers only.
As one of the most experienced streaming service providers in the region, TVCloud will get your message, event or product into the world in glorious full HD.  In addition, we’ll train and equip you to run your own webcasts, webinars, training sessions, and website conferences.